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Can't change my plan, can't accept phone calls (including support callback)

  • 12 September 2020
  • 4 replies

Koodo self-serve is pissing me off. 

It won’t let me change my plan and there is no way for me to get support because i can’t accept calls. What do I do? “Some plans can't be changed online. Please schedule a callback through koodo.com/chat and one of our reps will be happy to help you with this.”

(P.S koodo is a shit company, their website is designed to be as diffiuclt as possible to make you pay more for things you don’t need). I just want to change my plan and not buy a new phone. WHY is that not an option. 

4 replies

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Unfortunately, your options are limited: Gain access to a working phone for the callback or go to a koodo store. Could be nice to have other options like email, WhatsApp etc. Maybe the community has other magic solutions.

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You can contact Koodo via private messenger too, such as Facebook or Twitter. What plan are you trying to change to? Some are only available for people who upgrade their phone or add a new line.

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Which plan you want to get ?
Which plans are listed on your self serve?

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@GodGreg The only plan you have with us is a Tablet one. What exactly were trying to change to?