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Can't change my number, is it okay to choose a different city?

So I've been trying to change my phone number basically all day today. However, when I go to the self serve and follow the instructions it directs me to a page that says "Sorry, your session has expired. Please return to the main page and login again. Thank you". When I click on another city I am shown phone number options, but for some reason my city just shows me the error. Does anyone know how I can fix this? 

Also, I've found that a few cities around me have the same area code I currently have, and wish to keep. If I were to just choose a different city and then select one of those phone numbers would that alter anything on my plan?

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Theoretically it could work. But just send Koodo a Facebook PM in the morning if it doesn't work at that point. Give them some time to respond.
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What do you mean by area code? Usually they cover a large area. For instance 604 covers the lower Fraser Valley of BC, and 250 the rest of the province. Do you mean the exchange or prefix -the second set of 3 digit So?