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Can someone link my account to their account?

  • 19 April 2020
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Is it possible for someone to link my account to their account without me knowing?

It is possible that they had access to my information, but without me knowing and without my permission.

I do not see a linked account on my end, but this person knows a little too much on what my activity is. 

I have changed my password, but if it is linked would they still have access.

Thank you


Best answer by Dennis 22 April 2020, 01:42

No.  There is only 1 login per account

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5 replies

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Who knows too much about your activity? Did you receive a text, call, email from someone who knew things about your account?

Interestingly enough I received notice from Koodo this morning they locked my account for 5 unsuccessful login attempts.

I am quite confident that this person was accessing my account and I just changed my password yesterday so clearly they have been and were unable to log in today.

This person would comment on who I was making calls and texts too thus my suspicion. 

I still want to make sure that my account can not be linked anyway especially since they were accessing mine.

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No.  There is only 1 login per account

Thank you @Dennis 

I feel a bit more relieved knowing this. 


Denis’ reply isn’t technically correct as I interpret it. Somebody COULD access your account as an administrator and have the same abilities as the main account holder.
The first condition I believe is that they themselves have to be a Koodo customer with SelfServe set up.

They could then use the online system to “Link accounts” (where they gain administrative privileges on your account)

The built in safeguard is that you have to confirm this action in an email link that is sent after the “changes” are made.  The problem is, if this person also had access to your email they could “confirm” on your behalf and delete the email without you knowing about it.
2 factor authentication on your email would lock down that potential exploit.
Hope this info is useful to someone at some point.