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Can not transfer mobile number over

  • 12 February 2021
  • 5 replies

I have followed all the instructions to transfer via self service. but it asks me for the name on the existing account (that I am moving over) with the box” first name” and then “last name”. I am transferring a mobile number from a small business and the account bill is in company name. Therefore, when I enter the company name into first name and/or last name box, I get an error.


Ideas to resolve?

5 replies

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Who are you transferring f om?


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Did you open an account with Koodo under your name?

Koodo doesn't deal with business account.   I think that's why you can't port your business number into your account.   I believe the name  should be matched.

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@mjcole10 Feel free to send us a DM on Twitter or private message on Facebook, so we could authenticate your account and try to initiate the porting process from our end. Please insert the keyword #COMMUNITY in your message, so we could find it easier. Thank you!

ok, I have DM you on Twitter. Please help with porting process