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Can no longer pay bill online

For approximately 6 months now I have been unable to pay my bill online.  I've tried to resolve it with customer service but keep running into a brick wall, because they say they can't see anything on their side.  I have no problems paying my other bills online.  None!  Getting very frustrated with Koodo.
Now I hear that phone payments will no longer be accepted as of September 25, 2016, so I'm wondering how I'm going to accomplish bill payment now?  Should I start sending cheques?  How stupid is that.  I used to think Koodo was great and really tech savvy, but now I just get random and incoherent responses to my queries it seems.  Has Koodo gone down hill that much? 
Koodo, wake up! 

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Hey John,

Have you tried to make a payment via the automated system over the phone (Option 3). It's just as fast as using Self Serve. Since we cannot discuss payment information on the community, you may send us a private message on Facebook or a direct message via Twitter so we can look into this.

We look forward to assisting you John!
He Tayeb,
Maybe you're not aware that the telephone payment option is being discontinued as I detailed in my question?
I will be calling Koodo again on this when time permits.  I don't facebook and I certainly don't twitter.

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It says "phone payments will no longer be accepted..." and I think it means "giving cc info to a rep over the phone will no longer be accepted".
If you call Koodo *611, go to option 3 (payment)>  option 1(pay by CC)