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CAN log in but CANNOT access 'Profile', 'Koodo Tab', and also get logged out and cannot log back in when trying to shop.

  • 29 August 2020
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PLEASE can someone help me. I have tried to FB message Koodo with them just telling me to clear my cache and cookies and use google chrome. I am very frustrated to have to wait another day for another short response. 


I can log into my account fine, however, I cannot access most pages on my account (i.e. Koodo tab, profile). I can only access billing information. When I try to access these pages, it shows a blank webpage with a blue rectangle in the middle. There is nothing else on the page, so I have to go back to the previous page. I believe this is something to do with my individual account as I have tried on Mac, PC, Google Chrome, Safari, and my iPhone as well. Further, my partner can access everything on his Koodo account on same devices. Also, whenever I try to shop, it automatically logs me out and tells me to login again. When I try, it says that I cannot be logged in. When I go to the main page and log in, it works fine, but again, it logs me out when I try to shop. What can I do? Who can i contact because this customer service is ridiculous. I cannot get a “callback” because my phone is not connected. 

8 replies

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From your description, it seems you tried to logged into a “closed/cancelled account”. You mentioned your line was “not connected”? Did you cancel or port out your Koodo number previously?

Due to COVID I have not been able to stay on top of my bill payments, so my phone was cut off. I still had balance owing so I paid off the rest a few days ago, which it did apply to the account as i have a negative balance now because I accidentally overpaid it. I can login but cant access anything else besides the billing. I want to see if I have any tab balance owing.

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Once the account is closed, only billing section is available. I would suggest you download the latest PDF bill in the billing area. That one should tell you how much you should pay (including any Tab you had).

If you overpaid, normally they would send a cheque to your address on file. If you would like to confirm, you have to contact Koodo directly for it. I would suggest you chat with a social media rep via facebook messaging https://www.facebook.com/Koodo /twitter (or setup a callback to a number that you could pick up incoming calls from Koodo - it doesn’t have to be your number).

Thank you for your speedy reply and being more helpful than Koodo. I downloaded the bill PDF and don’t see anything about a tab. When they cancel, do they send you the remaining bill entirely? I am pretty sure that I have finished or am close to finishing my two year contract but I cannot be sure. ALSO, if I wanted to stay with koodo and get another phone/plan, will I have to make a new account to do so, or how can I use my account now to purchase a phone? Thanks for all feedback.

NOTE: I checked my banking and my contract ended July of this year. This means the tab is done as long as I paid the last bill, correct?

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The most important date to check is the cancellation date. From that date, within 30days, Koodo sent another bill called “final bill”. That bill would settle everything between you and Koodo according to your contract. If you paid that bill, then nothing should be worried.

Regarding the question about reactivation. You could reactivate it the same number/account, but they might charge you “reconnection fee”. You would have to contact a rep if you want to do so. After reactivation, you could buy a new phone…

You could also choose to open a new line (with different phone number/account) online to avoid all the fee.

Thank you very much!

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@wstk0077 A few days ago you made a payment which we received. That payment covered all outstanding amounts as a matter of fact it appears there is now a small credit on account.  There is no outstanding tab.  Your account would have to be reinstated as ‘active’ in order upgrade and get a new phone.   Can you try to dial #227 from your phone see if it lets you go through to our department managing these things.  If not, you may have to open a new line. If you do, do it line so you say the $40 activation fee charged at stores.