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Can I upgrade from talk/text to data now, but wait to get new phone?

I have the basic talk/text with voicemail now. Costing me $36/month. If I upgrade to the $39 plan now, with my old flip phone, can I then go into the store in 2 weeks and pick out a new phone and use it with my upgraded plan? I am going on vacation and won't be able to use my new phone for a week, but I don't want to miss out on the $39 deal. I also want the 14 days to fully test it out.

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Yup. Go right ahead. You can swap phones anytime but you can't sign up for a plan that's no longer available.
Yes, you can change your plan any time via your online Koodo account. You don't have to get a new phone right away.
Thank you!
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Yep! Just pick up your new phone and insert your SIM card (or your new SIM card). Log on to Self Serve to activate the new SIM if needed. You can change your plan once per month on Self Serve to take advantage of new plan deals. It must fit your "tab" however.