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Can I pay with an international credit card?

  • 16 July 2012
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Hello. I have a problem with my creditcard. When I tryed to pay my bill through Self Serve, Koodo said I cannot pay bill with my creditcard, because my address and credit card's address are different. This is my situation... 1. I have Master Card 2. This card is registered in my country(not Canada) →That is why I cannot pay bill. 3. I'm an international student What should I do to solve it?

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2 replies

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I don't think they accept international credit cards. I suppose too much risk for fraud. If you opened a bank account here just pay your bill through them.
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Hi there, We accept international credit cards! However, we need to verify the card first. It takes a few business days before it gets authorized so you might want to use a different payment method this month (online banking, ATM or at the bank cashier, cheque…). To have your card verified, give us a call at *611 from your cell or 1-866-995-6636. Have a good day!