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Can I cap data use?

My daughter keeps using way more data then the plan allows - we get a crazy bill. Is there any way I can cap her usage without having to check on self serve all the time?

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You may be able to set a cap on her phone, depending on phone model, but not on Self Serve. And she'll be able to easily turn it off. You can block data entirely, but that's not really an option if you want to give her data access. If she's unable to stay within her limit, you may want to consider switching her to prepaid.
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PC Mobile (postpaid) has this feature and it's awesome. When you hit your data cap, a message appears in the Web browser saying you've hit your data limit so it's been shut off. It then will redirect to their version of self serve where the account holder has to log in and approve the overage stacks or just wait until the cycle ends.