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Buying new phone from koodo, phones vs prepaid phones

I am a current koodo customer with an android smartphone. I am considering purchasing a nexus 4 16gb from koodo. It is available in the prepaid phones section and the phones section. I currently have a monthly plan (not prepaid), but if I attempt to buy it from the phones section it requires me to select a plan. I was trying to just buy the phone and put my sim card into it. Do I need to select it from the prepaid phones section? It costs $50 more there.

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First, you login to your Postpaid Self Serve, you click on Phones (Postpaid), then click on add to cart/Checkout, Skip change plan, you cannot use this method to click on Prepaid phones using your Postpaid Selfserve, Prepaid phones do not use Tab like Postpaid,
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After you select your phone, you can just click on your shopping cart and check out. You do not need to select a plan nor buy a prepaid specific phone