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Buy a phone without signing up for a plan

I've been a koodo customer for 4 years with the same phone. It's time for me to get a new phone before moving. Because koodo is not active in the region that I am moving to I would like to just outright by a new phone without a SIM card and without signing up for a new plan, or transferring my plan (as I am planning to close my current plan this month due to the move). I can see this is not possible on the webshop as I can't get past the "Add a plan" page while trying to check out with the phone in my online cart. Is this possible at koodo kiosks? As I mentioned I am already a koodo customer and I just want an new unlocked phone. If it's not possible through koodo please give me some other recommendations.

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You need to log into your self serve account and then choose to purchase a new phone from there.
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Hey Tara! Just to add to Paul's answer, if you want to pay your phone outright, your safest bet would be to go to a Koodo shop. If you purchase the phone from your self-serve account, the phone will automatically be put on the Tab. Once you cancel your services, the remaining Tab balance will be charged on your final bill. Please know that every device is locked with their original carrier. That being said, you have the option to pay $35 to get it unlocked. Hope this helps!