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brutal service!!! anyone have a number to speak with a human?? so annoying te

  • 31 August 2019
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I’ve had the service only 2 months and already hate it! It’s not worth the discount! There is NO customer service!! It’s not worth wasting time and getting annoyed trying to find answers! Will never ever recommend koodos!

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@Jagel Unfortunate to hear. 😞 But we would like to hear what you are having challenges with. I hope you were informed at the time of your purchase that we are a predominantly self serve brand. It actually makes life much easier in most cases. Just about all the answers are online, however if you don't find it you can set up a call back at your convenience at koodo.com/chat. Most of our customers believe this is a great option as they don't have to be on long holds like with most other companies.

What exactly are trying to find an answer for? Your bill? Something else?