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Booster just added but want to change my plan

  • 10 September 2020
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Both my daughters have accounts.  Pre-paid. 

My oldest daughter I just put a talk booster on , 600 mins however now want to take advantage of the current promotion with unlimited minutes. I don’t want to lose those minutes so is there any way to move those to my other daughters number? Or what is the best way not to lose out on the booster.
I’d wait until she uses up her minutes but don’t know how long the promotion is on for.

Any suggestions? 

1 reply

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If you haven't used any minutes of that booster yet, you can contact Koodo and ask if they'd be willing to convert it back to credit. You can then use those funds to change or renew her base plan :)

Best way to contact them is through Facebook or Twitter private messenger.