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blue screen on self serve, can't change address

Deactivated my phone plan in October and was told I had a bill due. Paid in full but because of when I deactivated Koodo ended up owing me money. Now they want to issue a refund but the address is from 5 years ago. When I select self-serve it blue screens. Checked online and if I call to do an address change it will be $10.
I've tried google, internet explorer, and firefox.

Is there any way around this without getting the $10 hit on my credit?

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They only charge $10 if you have them do something that you could've done online yourself. In this case you can't do it so they wouldn't charge you. Make sure to tell them you've tried changing it yourself but you can't get in to your account.

Are you sure you're logging in to the right account. You still should have access to your self serve account.
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@macmelm If you have a non-Koodo phone right now you can call 1-866-Koodo and we will help you out.