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being verifed

  • 11 June 2021
  • 6 replies

I got a new phone online and just waiting for it to be verified how long does that take? The phone shows up on my self serve and I have a order number but it says it’s invalid 

6 replies

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When did you order the phone and what is the order number?

I ordered it last night around 7pm and the order number is HF0xxxxxx53

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Last night? I would imagine it isn’t processed in the system yet… give it one business day to show up properly. Unfortunately Koodo is not as fast as Amazon and it takes a little while for them to process orders…

Meanwhile I have flagged your post to remove the order number and perhaps a rep can look into it all the same :)

Okay thank you for your help!

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Hello. In order for the order to be processed, we need to verify the address with you so feel free to send us a private message either on Twitter  or Facebook  when you have some free time. Have a nice day! 

Hi yes I just got a call from Koodo and it’s been verified 🙂