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I have 2 seperate but related questions.
1) Last I heard the online "change phone" option was coming back on line by the end of Feb. Any update on that? has anyone from Koodo anything to say on this?
2) Why have all the recent posts on this topic vanished? Nearly immediately after the questions were answered they were removed "from further comment". Who does this and why?

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Don't want you to think your question is being ignored, we're asking too but haven't had an answer yet today. Stay tuned and we'll let you know what we find out.
Thanks Chad! I will be unable to read/reply for several hours now and appreciate knowing I've "been heard" before I set off !!
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Don't expect it to ever be back. Doesn't seem like it will be back anytime soon. 
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@ Penny it will take longer than expected to bring back that online functionality. It will definitely be back. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Previous posts are still up re this question. The below is one of them:

Bernard wrote:

@ Penny it will take longer than expected to bring back that online functionality. It will defini...

OK thanks Bernard....do you have any idea how much longer it's going to take? Also why can't I find the other posts via search? At least one of the conversations about the "phone change issue" said something to the effect that is was closed to further comments.Why does that happen? I've not been using this forum for very long and don't find it very intuitive.I don't like being a pain by doing/saying incorrect things but there doesn't seem to be any "rules" and I notice lots of other post in the wrong places and or ask duplicate questions which makes me think I'm not the only one. Just looking for info not trying to be critical. Penny