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Adding a new account to my old self serve Account.

Hi there, i was with koodo about a year ago and then i moved to rogers (hence closing my account). And now cause of the $60/10gb deal i came back to koodo. And when i signed up i used my old email that i had for my old account. So i logged into my self serve Account as i still remembered my password but for some reason theres no way for me to link my new account to my email. Once i log in the pages are just blank. And anything i click on the pages just stay blank. And with the wait time to speak to customer service doesn't help as I've been on the phone for 1hr and still no luck lol So was wondering if anyone can help me out with this. Thanks

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You will need to contact Koodo to remove all traces of your old account. I suggest a Private Message to their Facebook page or a DM via Twitter as the most time effective way.
Okay thanks. Do you think they'll be able to help me in store?
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I think accounts can be reset in store. Can't recall. You could try calling a koodo kiosks to see if they can do it.
Awesome so after 1hr and 30 mins i got through to customer service and they helped me out. Thanks for the help 🙂