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Hey Koodo

my name is Kieu Anh. I just got notice about your brainstorm so I thought I'd give it a try. First of all I want to say that koodo is an awesome service, plus every time I call into customer service I always get all the help I need. Thumbs up. On to the idea I wanted to present to you today is regarding data. I'm 19 and constantly on my phone with DATA and it's never enough. Even with the 1GB plan. So I was on a trip in asia the other month and I was using a prepaid plan that has data. I'm not sure if koodo already has that or not. Not my point. But the service gives you a start off of 500mb. I used it all up in 30minutes. However it had a feature where you could text in and add more data onto your plan. Example, an extra 500mb for $5. I am aware that koodo data charges an extra $5 for 100mb used, not sure if I have the right rate but the thing is I can't keep track of how much I'm using. It would probably be good if there was a texting system. Like if I used up all my data I could dial or message 611 and add another 500mb for $10. Something like that, it's always better to be aware of what and how much you are using, or a set limit so you don't end up being mad about using too much data or complaints about being overcharged etc. 

 well thats all! thank you for your time. Hope it helps or maybe the $5000 prize would be nice 🙂

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