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Activating Sim Card Purchased At Store

  • 12 September 2021
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I went to a Koodo store and purchased a Sim Card to later activate online. The Koodo Agent said no problem, you can buy at the store and activate online same day (without the $50 fee). The chat bot doesn’t seem to allow you to do this. It always ends up in the checkout flow for a plan WITH a new sim card.

Am I missing something? 

I ended up just doing the online checkout flow which gets a new Sim, inputing all my information. But the email just says that my order is being verified. From other posters, it looks like this could take days? If this gets verified soon, can I activate using the SIM I purchased instead of waiting for the one in the mail? 

What’s the fastest way to get me up and running? I am not near a Koodo store and dont really want to fork over $50 to do something the agent said is easy to do online. 

5 replies

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@johnsmith12345  Which Koodo location was it? Online activation happens when you buy the SIM online.  The verification normally doesn’t take days at all. It’s a simple credit check and and then the SIM is shipped. If there is any reason we need to get in touch with you to verify things then the approval may indeed be extended. 

What is your order number? It would start with HFO. 

@Bernard Koodo The Koodo Location was Surrey Central. So I’m not able to use this SIM card even If I do get verified? IE: I’ll have to wait for the other one? Order # is: HFO31297164 

Again, just looking for fastest way to get setup given current sitaution :)

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@johnsmith12345  Central City Shopping Center? If yes, we will have to give them a call. Sending people away with a non-activated SIM card is hardly ever a good idea.  The card could be used but then you’d pay the $50 activation fee.  If you want to avoid that, then the fastest way is to wait for the SIM we mail you to arrive, which should be next week. 

Yes, Central City Shopping Center. Well shoot, that was pointless. Thanks for the info and fast replies. 

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@johnsmith12345 I’ll take a look at your order tomorrow and make sure it goes out smoothly.