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Activate phone with no sim card

I have a samsung sch-u450 phone that was with Kudo in the past. I tried to register online but couldn't find a sim card to get the sim #. I don't believe this phone has a sim & am not sure how to register.

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After you chose to swap phones, you have this option

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Do you have an account with Koodo?
Sorry, forgot to mention, the phone I have was registered to my wife on koodo over a year ago. It has been inactive for over a year so no I don't have an account yet. I need to open an account, create a new number & set up this phone with no SIM.
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Maybe Im wrong, but I thought Koodo was stopping activating non sim card phones. The CDMA network is getting shut down so the phone wouldn't work soon even if you were able to activate it.
I just phoned in & that was the response I received from them as well.