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Account status expired after top up

  • 19 June 2021
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Hi, I topped up my prepaid account 2 days late, and now it keeps saying "base plan expired", even though I paid and it's visible on my account that I paid. I can't use data on my phone right now and need to do ti urgently. What can I do?

It says something about typing ##ATUSuspend and scheduling a callback, but I have no idea where to type that. 


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2 replies

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Have you tried to renew your plan? i believe even the account has money but users have to manually renew it as your base plan was expired and not automatically renewed. 

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The ‘code’ ##ATUSuspend, which is written like this; ##ATU Suspend or #ATU Suspend is used with Koodo Assist (Koodo’s digital assistant) when you want to suspend data, pause your Koodo service or you want to suspend the phone when it is lost or stolen. As Dinh mentioned, a manual payment usually resolves the issue. I’ll provide a link to Koodo Assist, but chances are you won’t need to use the ##ATU Suspend code.

Koodo Assist

If you still need to schedule a callback, enter #socialtech in the chat dialogue box. This will get you to the “Schedule a callback” window quicker.