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2 phones, 2 SIM cards for ONE phone number? Mission Impossible?

  • 10 September 2021
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Hi, I recently bought a new cell phone. It works great. However I have an older Samsung phone, Galaxy S. It is presently locked to Bell, but I contacted Samsung to get the network unlock code.

Question: Can I have my 2 cell phones working with the same phone number? OR do I have to move the SIM card physically between phones?

Reason: I work outside daily. The NEW phone is too big for my breast pocket to button down to prevent it from falling out of my pocket and getting busted/lost. my OLD phone is small and fits in my breast pocket and can be buttoned down, thus I can never lose it.

What would you suggest I do? Thanks!

2 replies

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You cannot have multiple sim cards active for the same phone number. You can, however, have a sim card for each phone and use self serve to swap which one is active on the account. If either one is inactive for more than 90 days straight though it will be permanently deactivated.

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Make your life a little less complicated: port your number to the new cell phone and buy the call forwarding add-on. Get some cheapie calling plan for your old battle axe with a different number.

Forward your current number calls to the old battle axe when it suits. Return your calls, check emails, etc on the new phone when you get back to your truck.