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2 accounts 1 email address. Self serve will not accept.

My husband and I share an email account yet we have separate phone bills. When I try and set up to manage my account it tells me that my email address is already being used. Of course it is, but I want my emails for my account to come to this email address as well because it is my only email address. How do I work around this problem without setting up another email address?

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You have to setup a 2nd e-mail address for the 2nd account. Unfortinately, self serve only supports 1 e-mail per 1 account. The only other way would be to do a transfer of ownership ($25 fee). Where customer service would put both lines under 1 name and 1 account. Both parties would need to give authorization to do this.
Not liking the answer. Makes it very inconvenient to open up another email address.
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Jo-Anne Larocque-Minish wrote:

Not liking the answer. Makes it very inconvenient to open up another email address.

Well, that is the truth of it. You might be able to link accounts under one email but that could have issues such as paying the wrong account, changing services on the wrong account, etc.
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If you are a postpaid (monthly) customer, sign into the existing account, click on the my profile tab, then click link accounts. Fill out the information as it appears on your billing information for the other account. You will then be able to access both accounts using one email address for the username.
You could always create a new Gmail account and setup some fancy fowarding system to send any incoming email to your 'old' email address. I'm not sure on the specifics, but it should be doable
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Hey Jo-Anne, It's possible if your accounts are postpaid. You'll need to give Customer Service a call *611 free from your mobile or 1-866-995-6636 free from a landline and they'll be able to merge both accounts onto the same email for you. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.