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14 day number change

  • 31 July 2019
  • 5 replies

Just signed up last week, got my Sim. Now trying to self help phone number change and there is a msg that I can't change my number for 14days.

I want to change it now. Having to wait 14 days in crazy, paying for 2 providers.

Otherwise I should just cancel koodo since I don't have my number.

5 replies

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Go to this link: https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/selfserve/postpaid/phone_num_change
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@Aneil If I understand correctly you want to port in your number from the other provider. Right? Changing numbers is a different function, albeit slightly.

Yes, porting my number and I did select that option.

I also submitted via the other reply as well. Wait and see game now.
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Since Koodo has a bug that they are not fixing with that 14 days block persisting even after 14 days, if my link had not worked, you'd be waiting for a month or two for it to go away.