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$10/Meg data, wtf?

Warning - Rip off $10/Meg data charges on international plans. I recently went on a one month trip to China. I added a Koodo talk/text/data plan to my phone as I was leaving Canada. Shortly after adding this plan I received a text outlining the $10 per meg data as well as excessive text and phone use costs once your plan is used up. At home, I consume 500 megs per month on a small plan. The $40 international plan upgrade includes 50 megs. 450 megs of light internet usage is not worth $4500, more than ones holiday flights, hotels, taxis, food, and entertainment cost combined. After paying for this plan and seeing how expensive any overages would be I left my phone basically unused throughout my time overseas. Dear Koodo, enjoy your $40, understand that your heavy handed overage cost has eliminated any future loyalty from this customer.

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Hello Jody,

If you're going with other companies, the prices will be the same. So you're never going to have that kind of loyalty... Next time, unlock your phone and buy a prepaid SIM.
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Other carriers have roam like home options but you'd have been paying 10 bucks a day to use your 500mb. Koodo just isn't good for more than minimal roaming. And more like talk and text. Always go prepaid if you can. Use those site: http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com