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10 Gig $60 dollar plan ...only for new customers I was told

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So I called first thing this morning and after about an hour waiting on hold, was told only for new customers and that she would forward my number to the loyalty people who will call me to talk about this. Well if I don't hear back by 4 pm today, I will be switching to different carrier. Been with Koodo for about 7 years and treated worse than a new customer....I told people at work and they called Bell and Telus and had no problems getting their existing plans changed to the new plan. Go figure , I tell them about this deal and they get it and I get told no. Well Koodo you have until I leave work today to satisfy an existing customer or I will leave. I bet Koodo loses a lot of customers today over this. And why is there not a link on the Koodo self serve to just do this online?? That would have been the best way to do it. 

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You're extremely unlikely to hear back I'm afraid. Wish there was something else / more to tel you besides what you already see with the large numbers of posts on the same issue.
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I was told the same today. But also told that they are doing the plan change to existing BYOD customers as well now because of all the complaints. I'm scheduled for a call back on Wednesday. If I don't hear back from the Wednesday I'll go Bananas
I ve been a koodo customer, and I don't have koodo tab. Hours of wait and experienced some disconnections, I finally got through CS, then forwarded to a Royalty / retentions rep after an another long wait. Then they gave me the promo after they made sure I didn't have any tab left. I think phone line has gotten busier since the dead end is tomorrow. lunch time & after work or school time could be worse. I'm shocked that they actually tell some customers to call back 😕
Hitomi Tsurumaki wrote:

I ve been a koodo customer, and I don't have koodo tab. Hours of wait and experienced some disco...

I got a hold of Koodo and got the promo plan with no problem.  I wasn't told that I would be charged.
I called this morning to be on hold for 2 hrs and hang up on Koodo Is going to lose lots of customers over all this. my other friend from Bell and Telus changed the customer plan over the phone no problem. Maybe I should contact the CRTC about this disgusting problem with KOodo

Everyone is experiencing this, and tried many times.. Eventually get through to CS and or Loyalty / retentions department and get the promo. Koodo is doing their best but they provably wasn't well prepared for this crazy amount of call volume. Hopefully they will do online service for this kind of deals next time