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10 GB customer service fail!

After wasting 3 hours of my time on hold and listening to Jingle Bell Rock about 17 times, the system simply dropped my call, and then the customer service hours were closed in my time zone. 
Will Koodo be honouring the 10GB deal for the hundreds of loyal customers who have been unable to get through over the last couple of days?
Furthermore, why wasn't this even offered as a self-serve option for us to do online like most of the other mobile companies were doing?
Extremely disappointed customer over here...

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I can't see the future but I'd say no Koodo will not be extending the offer to anyone else and they didn't put the offer on self serve because it was for new customers only or those opening a second line. Also if you hold a tab at the moment there's absolutely no way you could have gotten the deal anyways without paying off your tab in full as the offer was a no tab or BYOD offer. Your best option was to leave Koodo and go to one of the other carriers who were offering the exact same deal.
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I’ve known people who still have a tab balance and didn’t want to miss the deal so they ended up getting a second line. It was easier to add a second line with this plan than to switch plans because it was not intended to be available for existing customers.