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What is the cheapest phone I can buy in Canada thru Koodo that has the "unlock oem" option?

  • 11 June 2022
  • 2 replies

I bought a Samsung A52g a few months ago and it’s completely inaccessible for me; I can’t use the phone, it’s far too distracting and difficult to use.


Today i tried to put on a new ROM, but found out Samsung explicitly removes the “unlock oem” toggle for North American phones. So it’s literally impossible for me to modify or repair this phone in any way.


So I’ll have to throw that phone in the trash, meanwhile I’m looking for another phone I can get that has the “unlock oem” option in the developer settings.



2 replies

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Could be wrong but from some looking around it seems like most carrier phones have this option removed. Your best bet would be looking at getting phones directly from the manufacturer and see if you have any better luck there.

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I’d sell it rather than throw it away. You could try the easy mode on samsung phones.


It’ll be less difficult and possibly less distracting.