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What is error code 3001?

  • 17 November 2021
  • 11 replies

I keep getting warranty error Error code 3001 when trying to get a new phone 3 days now of trying

11 replies

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Not sure what happened. Have you tried on another web browser or a different device and see if the problem follow?

I got the same error while using my mobile phone, waited for 4 hours for a call back from Koodo, was told to delete cookies and browsing history & if that didnt work try a different device and different browser.  Guess what, none of it worked and still getting the warranty message & so much for customer service, the person on the phone said she couldnt order it for me cause its for online ordering only & now I have to wait another day for a call back…..this has been awful to deal with.


It is a website problem they are having with Device Care. It's been 2 weeks and still not fixed. I can't order a new phone whatsoever. They can't even do it for me over the phone. I just screenshot everything and I'm going to talk to a manager. I have missed out on amazing Black Friday deals and they have to honor it or I'm leaving Koodo. Errors like this should be fixed ASAP, especially during Black Friday deals.

I am experiencing the same issue. I’ve tried clearing my browser and using different devices. I talked to a representative and they couldn’t t help me over the phone. This is very frustrating, as I don’t want to miss this promotion and feel like I am not receiving  help from Koodo since it’s is an online only deal for a certified pre-owned phone. 

My husband also has been having a helluva time trying to buy a new phone. His current phone stopped working 2 days ago (black screen with a slight flicker while pushing power button) so he wanted to buy a new one. Buying online is his only option right now since he's waiting on his ID to come in the mail. We spent HOURS trying to find a phone he likes that will also be shipped sooner and finally found one. Got all the way to the check out only for them to say "We'll send a verification code to your phone." Well, since he can't use his phone at all that option makes NO SENSE. Couldn't schedule a callback until the next day, in which they recommended he put his sim card in my phone and do it that way. They said they couldn't process the order for us. If someone doesn't have the option of putting their sim card into a different phone then what sense does it make to have only one option for verifying a n order? What about an email? Completely stupid. Finally we did the sim card switch and he bought the phone and upgraded his plan. Took a screenshot of the order number and everything. He hasn't received an email and there's no transaction history about it in his bank or on the Koodo site. This has been one of the dumbest and most frustrating processes we've ever had to deal with. Unbelievable. We might switch providers soon, I only ever have bad experiences trying to go through their customer service to get problems solved. 

At this point I just want a phone and they can't even do that. It's completely unacceptable for this to happen. I'm literally not getting off the phone until they can give me a phone. Your one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Canada and you can't fix a website error after 2 weeks. 

Finally got the callback we were waiting for - it was set for 3pm instead they called at 3:40. They confirmed the phone was ordered and that it would be shipped in 5 business days. The email said it would be shipped in 1 business day. We said that's unacceptable as he needs it for work asap. They said they couldn't help and that we would have to email the koodowebstore. We've both been with koodo for almost 15 years and this is how they treat their long standing customers. Ridiculous.

This happened to my yesterday ordering an certified pre-owned Iphone. Kept getting the warranty error 3001. Got a call back today and the manager says it’s Apples fault which I find hard to believe, but as others have said here, it’s a glitch that just has not been fixed for days/weeks now. No one can honor the deal over the phone and the colors and models my wife wanted yesterday on black Friday are already sold out now. Very sad that they can’t do more for a 10+ years customer who just wants to upgrade their phone.  I was very nice to the guy on the phone, it’s not his fault, but Koodo needs to get this fixed and honor deals to people that tried 10 times to order various pre-owned Iphones online. 

I've tried for a week straight and they still can't help me. I talked to someone higher up from Telus and he said he will look into it. Half the CSR's I talk to don't even know about the error, it's ridiculous. Koodo has really messed up and if this is happening to quite afew people they are gonna lose alot of business if they don't do something for us. The phones I wanted are now gone, they should just give us new phones of our choosing at this point.

I had this same issue all day today. Koodo cannot help on the phone with the purchase. I was just asked to send through the photo to tech support. I tried 5 different devices and browsers. It happened with every one. 

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I had this same issue all day today. Koodo cannot help on the phone with the purchase. I was just asked to send through the photo to tech support. I tried 5 different devices and browsers. It happened with every one. 

Have you tried messaging with a rep  via Facebook/Twitter?. Social media rep might have more experiences and know more about the issue.