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UPS says delivered but it was not

  • 26 November 2022
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I tried to get my mew phone rerouted to the UPS store by my house as I knew I wouldn't be home delivery day. It didn't work as it said a signature was needed. I got an email while I was out the package was delivered which should have been impossible without a signature. My neighbour checked all around the building and there was no package.  It won't let me set up the claim myself and now I have to wait until tomorrow for a call back from Koodo. Anyone experienced anything similar and know how long the wait is for a replacement or second attempt at delivery if they just threw it back in the truck? Also will I have to start paying my tab even though my phone wasn't delivered? 

2 replies

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UPS tracking should provide you with information as to whether the package was sent back to their depot or when their next delivery attempt will be made. I can’t recall if UPS takes a photo of the delivered item, most couriers do. I realize the package was marked delivered, but the driver could have made a mistake.

UPS Tracking | Canada

You can send an email to koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com and let them know what has happened.

If the phone has disappeared, an investigation will begin which could take some time. If you are charged for the tab while not having a phone, keep track of the days and a credit should be issued for the days you did not have the phone.

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Did you contact UPS directly?

When I missed my delivery by UPS because I wasn't home, they usually send it to local UPS depo or sometimes penguin pick up.

Your tracking should tell you where it send and to pick up.