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Tabs, plans, and special offers; Samsung S22 and Samsung Buds 2

  • 20 November 2022
  • 7 replies

My current plan is 44$/month. I don’t have a tab or contract. I want to purchase the Samsung S22 phone.  Am I eligible to the $240 upfront payment + 15$/month x 24 months Tab? What’s the Tab Bonus of $760? Under which circumstances would I need to pay this amount? 

I want the advertised offer for Samsung Buds 2  when I purchase a new Samsung S22 phone. How do I get the earphones? When I select the phone and the purchase options, there is no mention of the earphones being included or offered. I want to make sure I get the promo. Is there a code? Or are they already out-of-stock?

7 replies

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The tab bonus only has to be paid off if you upgrade a to a new phone on the tab, cancel your account, or change to an ineligible plan before the 24 months is up.

As for the headphones, they are for new activations only.


What do you offer to current customers? I’ve been with Koodo for almost 10 years and new customers get deals and promotion but not current and loyal customers? That’s weird. 

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You were a new customer once as well! Everyone gets their one big promo deal when they join a cell phone company. A lot of companies do this, for example right now with Scotiabank, new customers can get a $350 welcome bonus, but current customers don’t get anything.

There are still plenty of deals for current customers that you can take advantage of right now. The S22 is $760 off right now, you can get a $5 bill credit for 15 months, the $55 plan has 12GB of bonus data and the $60 plan has 15GB of bonus data.

What’s the 5$ bill credit for 15 months? How can I get this? I’m trying to pay less, not more. I barely use 5GB per month. 

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Just part of the Bright Friday sales, a $5 bill credit for 15 months. The only thing you’re not eligible as a part of the S22 promo is the galaxy buds.

The 5$ bill credit is only for plans of 50$ or more I think.

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Also, if your current plan is $44, you are not eligible to use Tab Medium.

You may be able to Tab basic  : $860  upfront and $10/ mo for 24 months.

If you are any to use Tab Medium, then you need to upgrade your plan too.