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Overcharged bill

  • 9 November 2023
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I got a problem here.I been overcharged for my September bill 614.67,when my regular bill is 122.Spoke with agent and he promised me that money will be refund in October.But unfortunately it’s never happened.With who I have to speak again and what I can do in this situation?Thank you

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4 replies

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As we are in the customer forum, we don't have access to your account here. What was the reason for the overcharge? And what did they promise? Was there any confirmation of that?

So me and my wife both with Koodo.So I ordered online new phone for her on her account and for me on mine.Both on tab.But when I received a first bill I found that both phones are on mine account!And I have to pay a tab charge for a second phone.Immediately called a call center and agent said that it’s not mine mistake but unfortunately if I want to avoid this huge bill I gotta send back(return)a second phone and all will be ok.I returned this phone in this day.And bill was changed.So week after I got a call from Koodo representative and she was apologizing about what happened lately and this and that.Then she offered me even better deal on another phone.I explained what happened before and asked her to make sure that this phone will go on my wife account.Because there is one already on mine.She said all done,no worries.But when next bill came up I found again two phones on my account 🤣.I call a representative again and returned this phone back again like in first situation.But this time I was charged 614,67 dollars for not existing things.I call representative again and asked for refund and he said YES,I see what happened,no worries next bill payment you will get your money back.Which is never happened.

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That was strange. Let me flag a rep here.

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@Andrii Korniichuk 

The adjustment is now complete and you should be able to see it on your account shortly. The credit will be forwarded to your next bill.

Please note that the remaining tab bonus is added back on your line ending in *517 and it will be charged on the bill in case a new upgrade is made on your line before the end of the current agreement.

You can check the current tab bonus under the Koodo tab in self serve https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/the-koodo-tab-page-in-self-serve

We are sorry for the inconvenience created!