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Order was cancelled by koodo - now they won't give me black friday deal

  • 1 December 2021
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This is a follow up to me post yesterday. Here is the back story:


Friday Nov 26 - I purchased 2 iPhone 13 phones on the Black Friday sale. One for me, one for my wife. Both purchases went through no problem. Payment was made and I received two confirmations - one for each purchase. 


Saturday Nov 27 - I got an email that my wife’s phone had shipped. The colour I had chosen for myself had a longer wait time, so I wasn’t surprised to not hear anything yet. 

Monday Nov 29 @ 8:39pm - I get an email saying that my order has been cancelled because “Extra precautions were required to protect your account and secure your transaction, so we need to validate your purchase in store. For this  reason, your order has been cancelled.”

Of course I received this email too late to get to the store that night. 


Tuesday Nov 30 - I visited a Koodo store after work and spoke to a rep. there who called Koodo for direction - she validated my identify using multiple pieces of ID and was told that the situation was fixed. She told me to expect a phone call from another Koodo rep to work out the details and that “they would re-start the order that was cancelled” She assured me that I would get the same price and plan that I had originally purchased while the phone was on sale - Of course by now the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were all finished and the phone was back to regular price. 


I did receive a call from Koodo about 10 minutes after leaving the store. The rep. on the phone informed that it was impossible to restart the order but that she would be happy to set up another purchase of the phone at the NORMAL price of the phone. After spending 40 minutes on the phone and talking to 3 people, nobody could give me a straight answer as to what they could do to help. I had to end the call to go pick up my kids from school. 


They are going to call me back at 8:00 this evening. What on earth am I supposed to do?? I’m furious that I’ve now wasted hours of my time fixing a problem that Koodo made themselves. I feel I’m entitled to the sale price that I purchased the phone at. 


Sorry for the length of this message! I appreciate any and all help please! 

17 replies

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Hmm….I’d agree that you should be allowed to get the order completed as originally, given the reason that Koodo cancelled it. I could flag a rep here to assist with you, but you already have a callback this evening. I’d ask you update us after your upcoming call and if you want, I can flag one here to see what they can do

Thanks. I’ll certainly update after the call and let you know if I need a rep to help. 

Well...my callback was supposedly scheduled for 8:00. It’s now 8:25…. I’m not sure how long I’m supposed to wait, but I suspect I’m not getting a callback tonight. 

If you wouldn't mind flagging that rep for me, I’d appreciate it. This is VERY frustrating. 

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I'm sorry to hear about that. I've flagged a Rep to assist. It'll likely be in the morning tho, given the time.

It looks like I’m definitely being stood up by the Koodo phone rep. This is ridiculous. 


I'm sorry to hear about that. I've flagged a Rep to assist. It'll likely be in the morning tho, given the time.

Thank you! I hadn’t refreshed my page, and didn’t see your reply until after I typed another one. 

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Hi @winterb 

Did you get the call back in the meantime?

No. I did not receive a call back. I plan to go into the Koodo store again today after work. I would imagine this will be easier to work out in person. 


@Flo Koodo 

Seeing as you are an official Koodo rep. Can you shed some light on this situation? 


I don’t think I’m being unreasonable expecting that I should have my sale price for the phone honoured. The 3 people I talked to on the phone didn’t seem to share that same point of view.  They claimed they didn’t have the ability to honour that sale price any more and that it was my fault for trying to order 2 phones. (I still don’t fully understand why the order was cancelled….) 


Any suggestion on who I need to speak to? I can’t make it to the Koodo store until later this afternoon after work, but I would love to go there with some knowledge of who will actually be able to fix this problem for me. 


Thanks for your help! 

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Hi @winterb 


I have sent you PM, for further assistance, please check it out when you get the chance.

Hello! I hope I am not breaking any rules by inquiring under your post. I am currently having a similar issue; I ordered on Cyber Monday and the order was cancelled due to validation issues. They are now apparently unable to provide the phone at the same price. Any updates on how it panned out for you?

It didn’t end up well. Koodo has dug their heels in and claims it’s impossible to give me the deal retroactively. Completely unfair and unjust. I spent approximately 4 hours of my time going to the Koodo store in person and talking to reps on the phone. The best they claim to be able to offer is a $100 credit off the current price of the phone (which is $415 more than the sale price I should have had). 

We’ve been screwed over and nobody at Koodo seems to care enough to be able to fix it. 

I’ve filed a complaint with the CCTS and sent a story over to CBC marketplace. I doubt it will get me anywhere, but it makes me furious that Koodo can screw their customers like this and get away with it. 


I hope your story ends up better than mine! Good luck!


Thanks for your response. I’m deeply sorry about the outcome; this whole thing is just disappointing. No regard for people’s time and effort.


A positive update to report! I filed a complaint with the CCTS about this whole incident. They got in touch with Koodo about it and very quickly I got a call from a top level service rep. They were able to quickly fix the whole situation and he even went a bit beyond the original Black Friday deal to apologize for the trouble it caused. A happy ending to a frustrating situation!

Id recommend you do the same thing if you’re still looking to get what Koodo owes you. 

Thank you so much for letting me know; I’m really happy it ended well for you! Could you please provide me with the specific contact info you used for the CCTS? And maybe a summary of what you said just so I hopefully get a similar outcome. Thank you in advance!

I followed the link on the bottom of the Koodo site. It took me to the CCTS site - https://www.ccts-cprst.ca

Scroll down and there is a link to “get started” with registering a case. You’ll need to fill out a bunch of information on the forms there. I explained in detail how the situation occurred (including dates and times for the purchase) I also attached screenshots of the email confirmation I got from my original purchase as well as the cancellation email I got from Koodo. 


It took a few days for CCTS to get back to me - they said they would be sending my file over to Koodo and to expect a response from them. The next day I already got a call from Koodo from their top level service rep and he was able to work through the whole situation with me. He had me go into the store, buy the phone at the current prices, and then he was able to adjust my tab, and put credits on my account to make up for the differences in price. 

I hope it works out for you! Good luck!

That’s great! This is extremely helpful, thank you. I hope it goes well for me too.