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Order declined and returned. order#HFO34302371

  • 24 November 2022
  • 2 replies

I wanted to cancel my placed online order for new phone, as Best Buy was offering better for the same. I had contacted Webstore through email to cancel my order , so I can buy the same from Best Buy. But Webstore team was not able to cancel the order and suggested me to decline the delivery and return. Which I did yesterday for the UPS delivery and can see that the package was returned back to Telus Calgary yesterday night itself. 

So, I would like to know , how quickly Koodo can adjust my contract and release the device from my profile and do necessary adjustments,  accordingly I can then visit to nearest Best Buy and avail the same phone with their bonus gift.


UPS Tracking# KMM84925232V64797L0KM

2 replies

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Unfortunately the return process wouldn't be that quick. It depends on UPS return and a Koodo rep have to review your device before clear the Tab amount. From past experience, it might take 1,2 weeks.

Oops , that will be really bad where the original order and parcel was not even accepted and directly returned back to Koodo. If they will take 1-2 weeks then I will not be able to avail Black Friday deal from Best Buy. Pretty  unfortunate.