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Not eligible to buy any phones with tab

  • 15 November 2023
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I have a phone number which currently is with Tab Plus plan. But when i try to upgrade my Phone (any phone), it will say it is not eligible with Tab Plus ( or any Tab).

currently this number doesn’t have any tab balance and does not own any money.

My other numbers are fine to purchase/upgrade phone with tab.

Does anyone else have the similar problem?

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5 replies

I called Koodo , but they could not help me either.  I guess it’s time to port out to other carrier.

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Which plan do you have right now? An when you contacted Koodo, what was the reason they gave out?

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Hi @Raymond8888 

Will you please confirm the last two digits of the number you try to upgrade your phone on?

Just to double check, if you select tab basic, you are getting the same message, that won’t work?

Are you able to share a screenshot? (Please hide any personal information)


i have table plus plan.   the number is 905 ****368


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Thank you! 

We have sent you a PM, so we can further look into it, please check it out when you get the chance,