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Not able to talk to anyone

  • 15 November 2023
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I have tried to get in contact with someone for several month now. When my niece was here in August of 2022 from Austria, we bought a Kodoo sim card. Unknown to me this was actually a subscription. I want to cancel this for month now. After not being able to talk to someone i disputed the CC transaction however of course Kodoo came back to the bank, saying she can call. Well, I am still trying. I don’t have the number anymore so I am not able to login either to cancel. I would appreciate if someone gets in contact with me. I understand that this is business, however calling isn’t possible, and I have not been able to find anyway to talk to someone.

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2 replies

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You can schedule a callback at https://koodo.com/chat

Just type in something like “cancel account” and follow the prompts.

Just tested it out and could get a callback within 15min!

Yes that worked for me. Thank you so very much.