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Keeping existing plan and discount/bonus while getting a phone on tab

  • 15 January 2022
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A question for the community.

I am currently on a $50 10GB plan, BYOP, with a -$10 discount ($40 monthly bill) for some period of time and a free Int LD addons.

I like to get a new phone, using either Tab Basic or Tab Mid, and when I tried that with a Pixel 6 last year, the system let me keep my current plan, but on the final checkout, it stated my new monthly bill will be $50… so I did not go through with the purchase.

I am not sure if it is just the usual Koodo system not actually giving expect answer, or if it is in fact I will lose my current discount and / or bonus add-ons?  I decided not to risk it at the time as I don’t really need a new phone.

Question to the community is, will I lose my discount and/or bonus if I had go through with the purchase?


2 replies

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It depends on the type and conditions of the add-on during a plan change. There isn’t an official rule to confirm which one stays, and which one doesn’t. But most of the time, add-on (especially the promotional add-on wouldn’t stay).

If the credit was part of the promotion specifically for a BYOD plan, you would likely lose it. Regarding the LD add-on, I think it would stay (but cannot guarantee).  if it is dropped, you might get it back if you contact Koodo rep. There is also a $5 international 1000 LD minutes add-on in self-serve.

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Like Dinh mentioned, if your offer part of BYOD you won’t save your discount.

However, for your issue, I would call directly to Customer Service and have them apply the phone onto your account. They generally have more flexibility but will have to communicate with different departments before they can get forward. I would personally say you have a 70% success rate for your dilemma. 

Your other option is find the phone for it’s full price.