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iPhone XS Max Delay

  • 13 June 2022
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I ordered iPhone XS Max on June 11th on last Sunday, it was telling that it'll take 1 business day to deliver so I took my morning shift off for Monday in order to recieve the package, and now it's stuck at "Approved" on the day I ordered and it does not update any information whatsoever since.

How long will I have to wait? I'm on full time work on Wednesday, will they leave my package on the door if I'm unavailable?


2 replies

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I can’t provide you an exact date but they will send you an email letting you know when the device has shipped along with a tracking number so that you know what day you will get it.

All shipments have signature requirements so they should be signed for. Over the past couple years I’ve personally found the shipping companies to be a little bad at making sure packages are signed for but they have gotten better with my past few shipments that required signatures. So yes, they should require the signature and shouldn’t be left but that’s ultimately up to whatever the delivery person decides. (To be flat out honest with you)

Thank you for reply! So I have to be available when it’s shipped? I’m on full time shifts starting this Wednesday, I don’t know when it will come, on which day that I’ll be available in my house.  I did send email to Koodo webstore email that if I can add shipping instruction to leave it at the basement floor door by the right side of the house, because I live at the basement floor and there’s landlord family living at the top house. I’m just worried that I might not be available when the package is here, I’m not too familiar with online ordering. 

It said it’ll arrive in 1 business day when I ordered, is there no estimate on when it’ll arrive? Also why is there a manufacturer delay when I’m getting a second-hand iPhone? Thank you.