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How to get $35/30GB plan? I'm currently paying $39 for 20GB

  • 19 November 2023
  • 2 replies

How can I get the $35/30GB plan?


I'm currently paying $39 for 20GB and don’t see an option to change my plan.

2 replies

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Those new plan is only for new customers as of now. You could try to contact Koodo directly yourself and ask a rep to assist but no guarantee that you can get it.

Anyway, I recommend you wait till the actual black Friday event. There might be some better offers out there 

I have a callback scheduled.


Trying to decide if it's easier to do this every year or two or if I should just switch back and forth. Leaning towards switching... Virgin's plan is 1$ cheaper for what it's worth.


it's such a waste of time and a horrible way to reward customer loyalty.