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Google Pixel Earbuds with new phone order

  • 16 November 2023
  • 4 replies

I just purchased the Google Pixel 8. During purchase it said I could redeem for a pair of google pixel earbuds but I can’t find any info about that anywhere. It said I had until Nov 30th to redeem. Anyone have a web link for that?

4 replies

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If eligible, you’d do so here: 


Thanks Allan.

It looks like Koodo still had this promo offer listed with the phone purchase that was already expired.
Very misleading as that was one reason I chose the Pixel 8 over the Samsung S23.

Had a call with them and told I’m not eligible. Sounds like false advertising to me. 

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Hi @Denis Baril 

Did you see the offer showing up during the upgrade process? Did you take a screenshot by any chance?

We have double checked and the offer indeed expired back in October.

No, it did not occur to me to take a screenshot of an offer that was listed in the information when I was choosing between phones. I started over several times to compare prices based on storage etc and those offers were listed for both the Pixel 8 and Pro leading up to when I ordered last Friday night.

From what I can tell from the link provided this morning, the offer ended mid-October but was left on the phone purchase pages like it was still available for over 4 weeks?

I was comparing with Samsung S23+ and iPhone 15. If not for that offer I may have chosen one of those instead so yes, I do feel mislead. After a day, I’m happy with the Pixel 8 so far so probbaly won’t regret the choice, just disappointed.