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free motorolla

  • 14 June 2022
  • 2 replies

Accepted a upgrade on a sales call last April. Agent sent me a "free" motorolla phone. I asked a out the tab and if it affected my ability to upgrade later and was repeatedly told  no strings attached.. Last month when I went to upgrade my s8 I had to pay off the $130 tab from my free phone. It never once showed up on my bill or in my account or tab. I feel I was lied to and cheated by this agent. Anyone else get roped in? I was told sorry but I have to pay it. Retention seemed to not care.  Brutal service.

2 replies

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There really is no such thing as a free phone. All it means is that you don’t get to pay anything up front… but then you pay the actual price of the phone gradually through the tab. So when you choose to pay off that tab for any reason (upgrade phone, cancel plan, etc) you would have to pay off the remainder of the tab, and any tab bonuses etc that you were offered.

You must have received some documentation when you accepted this offer, was it not explained in that? Also this information is shown in self serve.

I t was not explained at all and I asked about upgrades and if it affected this and was told no. Also the tab owed and the motorolla never showed in self serve.. I understand how it works . I would not have done it