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currently have $50/40gb will i be able to upgrade to new phone and keep my plan this black friday/cybermonday?

  • 21 November 2023
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looking to upgrade my phone for a while now, preferably the 14 pro max or 15 plus, i usually check the new plans, new and CPO phones on a regular basis. with black friday around the corner, will i be able to upgrade to a new phone while keeping my current plan? id hate to lose it but all the plans being offered to me are $60+ for the same or slightly more GB which i dont really have a use for let alone 40gb now. only reason i took it was because it was the same price with more GB.

looking at the phones now, they are all requiring me to have a plan that is $55+

any insight would be helpful

1 reply

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You actually can test it yourself with your selfserve. Select a phone and check out. If the system allow you to keep that current plan, then you would be ok. If not, you might have to switch.
I assumed you didn't have any phone on Tab with Koodo?