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Can't buy phone on Koodo website

  • 27 November 2021
  • 3 replies

I’m trying since yesterday to buy a phone, who’s part of Koodo blackfriday deal. After choosing the contract options and the protections I want on the phone, it’s impossible to access my cart. Sometimes they just pop a message saying they’l be back on november 16(??), and most of my attempts are failed because they say I need to visit a store near me. However, it’s specified that this deal is only accessible online. Very frustrating. 

3 replies

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Have you tried on another web browser and clear the cache of the current browser and see if it helps? If possible,can you post the snapshot of the error here (hide/delete all personal information before posting pls)

If you saw the message that you have to visit store, there might be some issue with your account. Are you a new customer? 

I get this no matter the phone, I’ve tried with multiple ones

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That message above stated yoy have to contact them. I guess your account had some restriction for buying online. Are you a new customer or you were on a spending limit program?