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Can't buy a new phone?

  • 21 May 2022
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I want to buy a new phone as mine is 7-8 years old and starting to show its age. I have no tab going right now. I tried a week ago to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10e, and had no issues - until I had to enter the confirmation code texted to my current phone. I entered it, pressed Enter, and then the screen went blank. Nothing happened after that. No email, no confirmation text, nothing. Figuring it was a bug, I waited a week and then tried again - except now there are NO S10e appearing online at all, new or refurbished. So I try to get a S10+. SAME ISSUE. I got through the entire checkout process, confirm to keep my current plan, choose tab, etc, and then enter the code texted to my phone. Screen goes blank, no emails, no texts to confirm an order.


What is going on? I do not have the time to leave work during the day to go to a Koodo store to purchase in-person. I’ve been a Koodo customer for a long time, my current phone was purchased refurbished online without any issue.

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4 replies

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Did you use the same device/browser both times?
If so can you try using a different one and see if it goes through?

I tried a different browser and have had the exact same issue. 

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I tried a different browser and have had the exact same issue. 

If you do not want to head to your nearest Koodo store, you can schedule a callback through Koodo Assist and see if a rep can help you out. They will not be able to order a CPO device, but they can certainly assist you with getting a new device. https://Koo.do/Chat 

The same thing is happening to me! I am trying to buy an online-only phone so I cannot even go in person. Are you still having the same problem?