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buying a sealed box phone

  • 28 November 2022
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I bought a phine from Somone who got the Black Friday deal I keep hearing they need to put their SIM card I. It first then re set it does anyone know if this is true ? I can’t see it but maybe ? I don’t want to open the phone I was giving it to my daughter for Xmas 


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5 replies

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Koodo practice didn't ask for that but I recalled some retailer did (Bestbuy is one example).

If you buy a phone online or from someone else, make sure you had their contact number and proper id. If they didn't pay their bill, your phone might be blacklisted.

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Koodo’s fraud policy ensures that reps open the box in store and make sure a sim card is inserted into the phone and active on the network before handing the phone over to the customer.

As Dinh mentioned above, you can purchase it online to avoid this if you’d rather.

The box is def sealed 

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Phone sealed aside, with Samsung devices you do need to put a sim card in it and the phone immediately does a factory reset to apply the carrier settings. Samsung devices are the only ones that do the factory reset though. A good chunk of phones to require a sim card to be put in for the setup.

As well, this doesn’t have to be done right away, it can be done at anytime so if you already have the phone, the setup can be done on Christmas.

Do I neeed the other guy to do this? I bought ot from him in the community? It’s a iPhone 11