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Bright Friday $1/month Phone Promotion Clarification

  • 27 November 2021
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The Bright Friday promotion for a certified pre-owned phone is for a $1/month tab. It's described to be over 24 months so $24 total tab and saving $700. In the notes of the promotion, they say that if the agreement is cancelled then the remaining of the $700 has to be payed. Does this promotion mean that I have to keep the phone for 24 months with koodo like a two year contract? Or does it mean that I could switch phones and companies before two years if I pay what's left of the $24? Or what's left of the $700?


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You can think of it more like a contract.

If you get a new phone on the tab or cancel before the 2 years is up you'll pay the remaining balance of the tab balance plus tab bonus.

(If you cancelled in a year you'd pay back $12 + $350 for example)