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Your prepaid account has been inactive for 5 days

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I recently changed the credit card I use to top up my prepaid account. On June 5 it topped up and I received the usual SMS indicating that it had done so. Three days later, I got another SMS that said my base plan had expired. Today (June 10) I received an email that said my account had been inactive for 5 days. In prepaid self-serve it says my account is active, and the transaction history shows that it did charge my card on June 5 (and checking my credit card online account confirms this). I have been sending and receiving texts all this time so it appears the account is indeed active. Should I worry?

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When you changed your preauthorized credit card, it takes a few days to set up in your account. If you currently have service, it means it automatically topped up your account but got the message midway. To be certain, dial *611 from your prepaid phone and it will let you know if your account is suspended.
I receive those emails for the last six months. Ever since I switched credit cards for the auto top up.  I emails currently say I am $-75 but when I log in my balance is $91.
So I have learned to ignore the emails because I get the texts saying thanks for auto top up and you are good for 30 days.  It seems to me there is a bug in their system.
I even called once and they said that they were changing systems or something.
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Received the exact same sequence.  First an SMS and then 5 days later an email.  Logged in an account checks out ok including *611.  I have not changed my credit card info in a long time and this just started for me this month.  Sounds like a system problem to me. 😕