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Will not let me log in online. Please help.

Having issues logging into self serve online. I have an email from when I picked up my phone approximately a month ago, it told me I have three days to top up yesterday, and I am going to get a top up voucher today but it won't let me log in. I might be a dolt but I called the Koodo 1-866 number and after I put in my phone number it just took me to a bunch of 'you can top up on the phone' options and what I wanted to do was see how much I would need to purchase in vouchers online before I hit the store. Suggestions?

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if your were able to login to Self serve you would be able to know which voucher you will have to purchase. You have to call back 1-866 number and keep pressing 0 after punching your number in , so you will speak to a rep who will be able to help you.
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You can recharge and topup your Prepaid account through Koodo IVR *611. If you have a problem connecting to your Self Serve you ca reset your password on https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com
Well I tried to reset my password and it told me that my number was invalid. I'll be topping up through the phone probably this time but it's really just better for my head to see everything out in front of me, it helps me to keep organized and that's what I liked so much about Koodo, it enabling me to do everything online so it's in front of my face. I'll talk to a representative later on and see what can be done. Thank you for your time.
*it also told me that my email wasn't registered to anything even though I have the email sitting in front of me... very confused.
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Micky Drew Oliveira wrote:

*it also told me that my email wasn't registered to anything even though I have the email sitting...

Call customer care like suggested by Get it solved