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Will boosters be lost if account expires?

My first 30 days using koodo just ended today, my credit card was added to my account for automatic topup, but I did not have the automatic topup box checked off. I now checked off the box, and the account shows I will be billed today. Will I lose my minutes from the boosters/promotions I got? I cannot call to speak to customer service because being charged $5 for a simple question is ridiculous.

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Hi Mark, If you top up within 90 days, your boosters will all still be there. Only if you wait longer than 90 days, your account, plan, number and boosters will all expire. So no worries there 🙂 Just a heads up: You won't be charged $5 for calling CS, this is a persistent but pertinently untrue rumor 🙂 You will ONLY be charged if you ask them to change something that you can easily do yourself in self service.
Thank you very much