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why starting with 782 instead 902 while selecting a new phone no. for NS-HALIFAX

I purchased a prepaid simcard. I am trying to activate it, however, when it asks me to select my own phone number I see that all the numbers start with (782). I am living in NS-HALIFAX, I chose my local area as NS-HALIFAX. All the other NS areas start with 902. All my friends numbers here also start with 902. I am confused. I appreciate if you help.

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782 and 902 are both Nova Scotia area codes. 902 is probably running out of phone numbers so now you get a number from the new 782 area code.
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Welcome to the land of area code overlays. First Toronto, then Montreal ran out of phone numbers in the original area codes. At first it might seem a little strange to be dialing another area code for a local call, but people get used to it.

Next stop, NHL team???